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If you own a home, plan on selling or buying a home, or simply remodeling, then you have to test for asbestos, mold, or water issues. We save you TIME and MONEY!
With our simple and discrete testing kits, you can collect a sample in less than 5 minutes—saving you significant amount of TIME. With simple and easy instructions, a small sample is sent to one of our partnered labs for testing. We then provide you with accurate, confidential, affordable, and accessible lab results right at your fingertips—saving you a lot of MONEY!
Once you have your results, you now have the power to proceed or remediate!
With Nirtue Labs Asbestos test kits, you will save hundreds of dollars and have peace of mind with your lab certified results! Order now and save time and money!

Collect any sample in less than 5 minutes—saving you time and money. We provide you with accurate, confidential, affordable, and accessible lab results right at your fingertips!

Area of Service

Mold Testing
Water Testing
Asbestos Testing

Asbestos Testing

All lab fees included!



Asbestos testing with standard business (3-4 days) turnaround time!

48 Hours


Asbestos testing with 48 hour business day turnaround time!

Same Day


Asbestos testing with same-business day turnaround time!

More than one sample (bulk)

3 Samples

5 Samples

10 Samples

Mold Testing

All lab fees included!

1 Sample


2 Samples


3 Samples


Comprehensive Water Testing



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All lab fees included!

Our Clients Say

We have over 5000 clients and they love our service! We have clients that are home-owners, real-estate agents, and business owners!

"This was really easy to use. My house was built in 1980 and has horrible popcorn texture on the walls. We were doing some work on removing the texture and were treating it as if it had asbestos in it just incase. But that got really exhausting having to make sure everything was super clean and not contaminating anything. Them realized I could easily do one of these tests to figure out if it had asbestos or not. I was skeptical about how complicated it may be since you have to send it into a lab. But decided to go ahead and try it. It was super simple and easy and we got super fast results. We even did it while under the covid 19 quarantine so I didnt expect quick results but we still did. I'm glad we did because our test came back negative and we dont have to take all these safety precautions like we were and has made our lives much easier."

Home Owner

"The test kit worked well for my siding on a rental property. I sent it in and they notified me by email. The response was quick and they provided a report of all the materials listed in the siding. No problems and the best price."

Business Owner 

"Purchased this kit to test some ceiling tiles that I want to remove during a kitchen remodel. Received test results in just a few days after I sent the sample in and luckily for me the test came back showing 0% asbestos present in the sample."


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